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Andre Caliento from Florianoplis wrote on May 30, 2016:
Best hostel ever!!! party on the roof lol !!!! thx Peter!!
Marjolaine wrote on December 15, 2015:
This hostel is THE place to be in Manly anytime of the year!
I guess that place is where I got the best momories of Australia!
Great location, awesome and helpful staff
Heaps of renovations made a few months ago, that place is even better!
highly recommended for short or long stay 🙂
Brenton Osborne from Aus wrote on August 22, 2014:
I’ve really been enjoying my stay at Manly Backpackers. I think it’s best physical feature is the courtyard. It’s on the first floor and open to the sky. I’ve met a lot of people here. Hi to Jimbo, Gioia, Cedric, James, Porchetta, Luigi, Alessandra and Paolo.
Admin Reply by: fusion
Thanks Brenton, you’re like part of the furniture now, The hostel wouldn’t be the same without you.
Matt “The Legend – Russel’s Mate” Oliver wrote on February 10, 2014:
Heaven is a place on Earth – Manly.
Admin Reply by: fusion
Nice one Matt. God love you buddy. We’ll never forget you.
Richard White from UK wrote on October 27, 2013:
Hey Pete! You may not remember us but we stayed at Manly Backpackers through Christmas (the English guys in room 2) Rich, Shaun, Tom, Marcus and Matt. We absolutely loved your place and definitely our best memories of Australia lay in Manly.
I was surfing around your site and I noticed there are no pictures of us in the Gallery, I'd like nothing more than to see a couple of photos of us on your site! So I've sent you some and I hope you can choose some and put a few on. We Love Manly Backpackers!!!
Admin Reply by: fusion
Cheers guys!! Of course I remember you. You were only here for about two months!! Thanks a lot for the pics! I’ve just put them up on the photo Gallery page. It sure is a very unique hostel isn’t it!! I’m glad you had a good time, and hopefully I might run into you again soon. I’m heading to England myself shortly, so I’ll look you up when I’m there. See you again soon!!
Sian Osbourne from UK wrote on April 16, 2013:
This is really one of the most fun backpackers i have ever stayed in. There is a great mix of ‘long termers’ and passers by and everyone really wants to get involved and have a great time in this little party town. If you wanna dance on the tables, drink goon and probably not want to leave, then this is the place to go!!! Thanks Manly Backpackers!!
Admin Reply by: fusion
Thanks Sian!! You are the BEST!!! We'll never forget you. I'll definitely give you a call when I'm at Glastonbury, and we'll catch up and Run Amuck!!! You bet on it!!
x x x!! Pete.