Who’s Who at The Australian Open of Surfing

With the Australian Open of Surfing well under way on the Beach, there’s no doubt the vibe in Manly is sizzling.

Manly is now fuller than ever, overflowing with beautiful people. There’s no denying it was pretty full before the Surf Open, but now it looks like we’re hanging out in an Abercrombie and Fitch store.

And, let’s take a moment to be thankful for the quick change in weather from rain to sunshine, because now they’re all wearing a lot less. Oh yes, and it’s made watching the outdoor action a lot more enjoyable.

If like me, you don’t know your rad move, from your gnarly wave, this post might just be for you. Check out our guide below of who’s who at the Australian Open of Surfing.

The One You Hope to Bump Into

Julian Wilson – This 28 year old Aussie, like everyone in this competition is pretty good at surfing. But, what makes him stand out from the crowd is that he’s also a really great guy.

In June 2015 he was in the media for paddling straight towards fellow surfer, and competitor, Mick Fanning while he was being attacked by a great white shark in the final round of a competition in South Africa. Let’s hope he’s around next time we take a dip in the deep blue sea!

Julian Wilson
The One to Watch

Tyler Wright – The 22 year old, Australian was the 2016 World Surfing Champion and is the official face of this years Australian Open of Surfing. If you want to look like you know your stuff, drop her name and you’ll be laughing.

Tyler Wright
The One to Learn From

Felicity Palmateer – There’s no denying it, The Australian Open of Surfing is ‘cool’ and hanging out on Manly Beach is the best way to experience this awesome Australian lifestyle festival.

So, if you want to absorb some of this ‘cool’ and take it with you, there’s only one lady to look towards. Big wave surfer Felicity is not only an incredible surfer, a beautiful model, she is also an inspirational artist.

Felicity Palmateer

The Australian Open of Surfing – The Unofficial Guide

The Australian Open of Surfing isn’t just a celebration of surfing, it’s a celebration of Manly and all the things that make it great. The beautiful beach, the awesome surf and don’t forget the night life.

Oh, and did we mention – some very attractive people in swimwear!

From 25 February to 5 March, Manly swells with the world legends of surfing and skating, and it’s not to be missed.

Even if you’re more of a spectator when it comes to the outdoor activity, the Australian Open of Surfing is for you – we promise you won’t have to lift a finger.

Check out our guide below for getting the most out of this awesome event, and the best part is the whole event is entirely free.

    1. The Beach – Let’s start with the most obvious place, this is where the action’s at.
      And, if you were ever waiting for the perfect time to flaunt your body on the beach, this is most definitely it. Get down to Manly beach you will be in great company. Sit back on the soft white sand, relax and enjoy the view, there will be plenty to watch even between heats.  The vibe will be awesome and with the action starting from 7.30am on Saturday 25 and running every day until 4pm, there’s no excuse not to get down there.
    2. The skate Bowl – The queue speaks for it’s self.
      Regardless of your interest in this sport, it’s well worth a peek. There is some incredible talent here and you won’t get many chances in your life to get this close to the action – imagine the Instigram opportunities – #rad #sick.
      The Skate Bowl kicks off on Monday 27 and runs every day from 1pm – 7pm – I challenge you not to be impressed.
      skate manly
    3. The Food 
      So the food stalls here are pretty good. Just take a stroll down to the beach and you’ll find an awesome selection of tasty treats lining the pavement, all provided by Manlys finest.
    4. The Music
      If watching world class surfers and skaters, on one of the most stunning beaches for free, while surrounded by beautiful people, isn’t quite enough for you – there’s more.
      On Friday 4 and Saturday 5 March there’s a free concert on the beach too. Join the likes of Hermitude and The Jezabels and celebrate as the Surf Open comes to a close.
    5. The After Party
      Now, there’s no one official after party for the Australian Open of Surfing, but get yourself down to the Steyne on any of the evenings during this awesome couple of weeks and you won’t be disappointed. Nights out in Manly never looked so good!

To find out more, check out the official Australian Open of Surfing website here.

How to deal with backpacking challenges

Manly Backpackers

There’s no denying it, backpacking is one of the best things you’ll ever do. But, like all good things in life there can be challenges along the way. Whether it’s sleeping in the same room as a snoring stranger or missing your family, backpacking isn’t always easy – but it is definitely worth it!

To help you through the occasional tough time, check out our short guide to dealing with the challenges:

  1. Get your shit together

From the dude snoring in the bunk above you, to the girl who turns the light on at 6am to go to work, sharing a dorm isn’t always smooth sailing. But, by remembering to pack these simple extra items, dorm life will become a breeze:

  • Earplugs – you’ll never feel like you’re sharing again
  • Eye mask – the darker the room the better you sleep, it’s science
  • Flip-flops for the shower
  • Padlock for your bag
  • Ziplock bags for your food
  1. Get sociable

Even if you’re traveling with friends, the one thing that will lift your spirits add to your experience, is meeting new people who are on the same buzz as you, new friends who are doing the same thing as you. Any good hostel will put on social events and we have some of the best (if we do say so ourselves). We even have our very own Events Coordinator on site. We know that even the most confident person can find a room full of strangers intimidating, that’s why we’re sharing with you our best opening lines below:

  • Introduce yourself – it’s simple, but it works
  • Ask for tips on where to go – people love giving advice
  • Tell a dirty joke – make someone smile and you’re on your way to a beautiful friendship
  1. Keep in touch

Being away from home can be tough, even the most seasoned traveler misses their mum. But, before you reach for the tissues don’t forget it’s 2017 and the Internet is there for you. Whether you use Facebook/What’s app/Skype or the power of mind control, keeping in touch with your friends and family back home will keep you grounded and see you through.

Whatever challenges you face alone your backpacking experience, keep our favorite saying in mind and enjoy the ride;

You can’t have a rainbow without the rain